Why consider data virtualization?

Because data virtualization deals with information and its semantics – any data, anywhere, any type.

Bottom line, this can have a more direct impact on business value. To the business user, data virtualization is synonymous with information agilty.  It enables them to simply view their trusted and integrated business data in real time or near real time without the time lag and costly investments into data models, data warehouses and data marts.

On the back end, the beauty of data virtualization is its ability to integrate data from disparate sources, locations and formats, without replicating the data.  By creating a single “virtual” data layer that delivers unified data services to support multiple applications and users, the result is MUCH faster access to all data, less replication and cost, more room for change, and more efficiency by the consuming applications, processes, analytics, or business users.

Data virtualization doesn’t mean you have to stop using ETL as your means of data integration.

In fact, because data virtualization acts an abstraction & data services layer it is highly complementary to use between original and derived data sources, and other applications such as Oracle EBS to provide flexibility between layers of information and business technology.  Last month we ran a webinar precisely on this topic. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at it here to see how you can integrate the different data sources within your Oracle EBS applications.

Our belief here at Modemetric is the future of BI very much involves this modern data integration method. By performing many of the same data transformations as traditional data integration (Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), data virtualization instead leverages modern technology to deliver real-time data integration at lower cost, with more speed and agility.

Register for our Virtualize and Eliminate Datamarts & Data Warehouses Webinar
08/29 | 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET

As part of our Future of BI Webinar series, join us for 30 minutes on August 29th at 10am PT/1pm ET as we demonstrate with Lantern BI, how you can virtualize your data to reduce or eliminate your reliance on Datamarts and Warehouses to save time and money.


Author: Dianna Sadler


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