Period Options – the Proactive vs Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) approach

Context is key in Business Intelligence Have you ever been in a spirited conversation with a friend involving a topic such as, oh…any recent election results, when just after you’ve made a very well-thought valid point your friend responds something like, “Yeah, Samsung should really stop making exploding phones.”  Well, this is based on a […]

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The Power of Ratios

Modemetric Lantern sheds light on the power of ratios in BI

How Ratios Provide Insight “How are you doing?”  Such a simple question can evoke an innumerable amount of responses depending on context.  Change the question slightly to “How are we doing?” (personal pleasantries aside) if coming from a key stakeholder within your organization the real context may be departmental performance, corporate profitability, inventory management or any […]

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Modemetric announces the Launch of Lantern™ v4!

Lantern v4 delivers 90% deployment cost savings and a simplified, self-service reporting environment to a global bottling distributor and high-tech software-as-a-service provider SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 17, 2016 /PRWEB/ – Modemetric Inc., today announced the version 4 release of their flagship BI product, Lantern™. Lantern is an Enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI), advanced analytics and real-time data […]

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Modemetric Lantern outshines Traditional BI with Dynamic Groups

If you’re like me, you’ve been called several names throughout your life.  Wait…I’m talking about nick-names here.  In fact, much like an old Saturday Night Live skit, I can seriously remember one guy at a former job who spent large amounts of time thinking up nick-names and variations of his co-workers (Steve…Steve-o…Steverooo…).  And the funny […]

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